PIO TV launched, partners with CNN and PTI for content

PIO TV launched, partners with CNN and PTI for content

Author | exchange4media News Service | Friday, Aug 24,2007 9:28 AM

PIO TV launched, partners with CNN and PTI for content

IPTV service PIO TV has been launched on August 23. The channel has partnered with CNN as broadcast affiliate to use audio, visual and text for its news as well as with PTI for text and photo content. It has also partnered with Sanchar Bharti, one of the leading producers of audio content, for PIO Radio section. PIO TV is aimed at providing live news in 24x7 format, news update, entertainment, movies, culture, tourism, cuisine related news and much more.

The channel has also ventured into a distribution agreement with Airchord Televentures Pvt Ltd to distribute the live television stream of PIO TV to cellular and mobile users in India and overseas. PIO TV is a digital platform that integrates media of all types and offers a variety of content on a live, archived and on demand basis with a choice for immediate or later viewing.

Munish Gupta, Chairman and CEO of PIO TV, said, “The content would be available free except those on demand. The PIO centric channel would cater to the needs of 50 million PIOs abroad who look out for news and information that affects their lives. All content would be trimmed and re-purposed for the PIOs.”

The channel, headquartered in Los Angeles, also has offices in Delhi and Mumbai. The channel would cover events from North America, UK, Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, South Pacific, South and Eastern Africa, South America and the Caribbean.

“Our platform encourages forming and forging communities, connecting people to people, businesses to businesses, government to people, ensuring a flow of information and interactivity thus far not established in the global PIO community,” Gupta added.

The channel’s other alliances include that with media groups like Northeast India, Positiv TV, Positiv Radio and group of individuals, production houses, labels and banners from Bollywood. The channel also has plans to make available a library of more than 1,500 Indian feature films, music videos, audio versions of these songs and religious and devotional music videos.

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