Pepsi Cup raises expectations from India-Lanka Test series on Zee Sports

Pepsi Cup raises expectations from India-Lanka Test series on Zee Sports

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Dec 13,2005 8:29 AM

Pepsi Cup raises expectations from India-Lanka Test series on Zee Sports

It is the cricket season and despite the abundance in the property of late, there are several examples where the sport has made some good numbers for the channels. DD seems to be quite a beneficiary with Videocon Cup and now Pepsi Cup delivering for both DD1 and DD Sports.

The Pepsi Cup was planned as five One-Day Internationals (ODI) played between India and South Africa. The third match of this series, which was scheduled in Chennai, was abandoned due to rains. So, in effect four matches were played with India and South Africa winning two ODIs each.

In terms of numbers, for the C&S 15 + in the all India market, the first ODI delivered 4.08 on DD Sports and 3.11 on DD1. The second match was higher with 6.77 on DD Sports and 4.55 on DD1. There was a dip in the fourth match again, but only on DD 1 that gave a 2.9 – DD Sports numbers were higher at 5.2. The final match was the highest – DD Sports delivering a 7.27 and DD 1 a 4.26.

The ratings increase in the male TG and, needless to say, when both C&S and non-C&S homes are seen for DD1, the ratings go as high as 10 plus for the channel.

For the media fraternity, the numbers are as per expectations. Manoj Malkani, Head, Broadcast Investments, Starcom, said, “What is probably good about the series is that irrespective of the channel that the advertiser was present on, he has got value for money.”

Navin Kathuria, Media Group Head, Broadcast Investment, Media Direction, on the other hand, isn’t very positive about the numbers, but mentioned that the match had offered good cost efficiencies for the advertisers. “They are definitely better than the Indo-Pak series in May on DD, but then the expectations from the matches were high and hence, the efficiencies could have been better,” he added.

Justifying on why the numbers of the first and third matches weren’t “as good”, he said, “The team has done very well in the Videocon Cup and there was a natural interest around the game about how good India can play. In the third match again, since both India and South Africa had equal wins, the interest levels were piqued. These numbers really aren’t as per expectations, given this. This is not to say that the series on the whole hasn’t performed – it just could have been better.”

What neither professional refutes is that the Cup has given some good numbers for both the DD channels and has also successfully increased expectations from the India-Lanka Test series on Zee Sports.

“Once the team starts performing by default the numbers are back,” expressed Malkani, “Going by some of the recent numbers, the expectations are high from the India-Lanka Test series, but of course, there are some factors like distribution and so on that the channel has to take care of. If these are in place, this series will also have some good numbers to talk about.”

Kathuria opined on similar lines, “The match itself is on an interesting turn right now. There are brilliant chances of India winning. Irfan Pathan was played well and things like these capture the viewers’ attention. Perhaps the fact that the matches are on weekdays is a drawback, but still, expectations are high.”

He is nonetheless quick to point out that the expectations were in line with what was seen in the Test match numbers, which really cannot be compared to the ODIs.

Malkani, on the other hand, is of the opinion that with Zee Sports making substantial investments in the game, going forward there was much action that could be expected from the game.

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