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Optimystix Entertainment inks co-production deal with Sparks Network

Optimystix Entertainment inks co-production deal with Sparks Network

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Friday, May 05,2006 6:38 AM

Optimystix Entertainment inks co-production deal with Sparks Network

Optimystix Entertainment has been appointed the Indian producer for ‘India Celebrity Express’, a show that features celebrities in a race through India from the sources of the Ganges to the tropical beaches of Kerala. The celebrities are given Rs 100 a day to survive in which they have to find means of transportation as well as lodging throughout the route.

Kanakna Productions from Belgium is the head producer of the series. The first series has been sold to the Netherlands and Belgium. “This is what Sparks Network is all about. We have gathered some of the top producers from all around the world in this network and by collaborating with them we give each other formats and production opportunities. It’s a great crowd of very talented producers that just love to work together,” said Nicola Söderlund, President of Sparks Network.

The co-production agreement is just the first in a row of productions of ‘India Celebrity Express” for several countries. Kanakna Productions is expected to license the show in several countries for the forthcoming year.

“This is a new business opportunity for Optimystix. We get a chance to prove to the rest of the world that Indian producers can match the required international standards for TV production. We expect more co-production opportunities for Optimystix through our partnership with Sparks Network,” said Sanjiv Sharma, partner and founder of Optimystix Entertainment.

Sparks Network today organises 13 of the world’s leading TV production companies all over the world. Currently, the partners are present in Sweden, Finland, Poland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Romania, Australia, India, South America and the US.

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