Only basic features interoperable under DTH, says TRAI

Only basic features interoperable under DTH, says TRAI

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Aug 26,2006 8:10 AM

Only basic features interoperable under DTH, says TRAI

TRAI has recommended that when a DTH subscriber changes the service, he should be aware that he might lose advanced features in his set top box (STBs) like private video recording (PVR) and digital video recording (DVR). Thus, the telecom regulator has kept the advanced features of STBs out of interoperability norm, making only the basic features like TV viewing interoperable.

However, in its recommendation regarding licensing issues relating to DTH, TRAI refused to amend the DTH license condition which mandates technical interoperability, which might appear ambiguous to some.

TRAI has also recommended allowing commercial interoperability through which DTH players can provide STBs on rental, as under Conditional Access System (CAS). At present, this is not allowed. Consumers thus, won’t be forced to buy STBs with advanced features and hence, could safeguard themselves from losing features like PVR etc. while changing the service provider.

The regulator has also allowed Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU) under certain conditions, which enables residents of a multi-storey building to access DTH service through a single common dish for the building as a whole rather than using individual dishes for each home. This dish is connected to the individual home through a cable system. However, for each TV set there will still be the need for a separate STB to view different programmes.

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