One Alliance plans a bouquet of kids’ channels

One Alliance plans a bouquet of kids’ channels

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Apr 27,2004 7:59 AM

One Alliance plans a bouquet of kids’ channels

Getting a kids’ channel placed sounded a big deal even some time back. But who says actions take time to get bigger on Indian television. For One Alliance, the action in kids’ space has already gone a step ahead where the distributors are looking at bringing in a kids’ channel bouquet on the platform.

Where the distribution has just added kids’ channel Nickelodeon to it, Animax is all set to make its mark on Indian television. “The exact date is not decided yet but we should have Animax in place by July,” informs Kunal Dasgupta, CEO, SET India.

In India, Dasgupta expresses that Animax will have a mix of Hindi and English content. Interestingly, this will be the case with Nickelodeon’s programming as well. And that is not where the action on kids’ channels ends. Disney is soon to make its foray with not just one but three kids’ channels, targeting different groups. As is known, both Sony and STAR are in discussions with Disney as to which network, would the corporates partner in India.

As Dasgupta says, “Talks are going on everyday. There should be a decision soon. In any case, if there is a problem with Disney, we will take Hungama TV here.” But do so many kids’ channels make sense on one platform? He responds, “We are working in the direction of providing a bouquet of kids’ channels itself.”

At a time when channels are experimenting with the space, this makes sense, as one channel can promote the other. Nonetheless, Dasgupta explains how the channels are different in their offering. Where Nickelodeon is a channel completely focussed on kids’ programming, Animax looks at a larger target.

Globally, Sony Entertainment has launched Animax Asia. As the name suggests, the programming strategy of the channel constitutes of only animated shows through the day. “It looks at an audience, more than just kids,” explains Dasgupta, “It has different time-bands targeting different TGs.” Internationally, Animax targets audience interested in animated content. It has different time bands called Kids hour, Youth hour, Mega Zone and Super Maniax.

Disney’s three channels are also specific in their targets. Playhouse Disney targets pre-schoolers of up to 4 years of age. Toon Disney aims at the age group 4-12 and Disney Channel will look at catering to the more teen audience.

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