Now, a Discovery through China on Living & Travel

Now, a Discovery through China on Living & Travel

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Saturday, Feb 17,2007 8:20 AM

Now, a Discovery through China on Living & Travel

This Chinese New Year, Discovery’s Travel and Living channel is all set to showcase China in a five-day-long special programme called ‘China Week’. The programme will scan a journey through the Great Wall and take a glimpse of the old, exotic civilization of the country. The show will air from February 19 every day during 9 PM.

It will explore the bustling city of Shanghai, its scenic countryside, culture and food like the all-time specialities spiced pork and fresh fried rice noodles.

Aditya Tripathi, VP-Lifestyle, Discovery Networks India, said, “China Week will explore the country’s unique sights, cultures, cuisine and landscapes and give viewers an exclusive insight into the country’s diverse and delectable attractions.”

The show will include episodes like ‘Don’t Forget your Passport’, where host Ellis Emmett treks along the Great Wall of China, departs from Chongqing for a week-long trip down the mighty Yangtze river, visits the Three Gorges Dam project and explores an ancient Taoist monastery in the 3,000-year-old City of Ghosts, and a boat trip up the Shenlong tributary to a reclusive National Park.

Planet Food is an episode where New Zealand chef Peter Gordon discovers the roots of the Cantonese cuisine, and cooks succulent spiced pork in the mountains, over an open fire in a Yao tribal house, explores health benefits with one of the country's leading traditional Chinese medical doctors and samples healthy dishes.

Globe Trekker has host Megan getting a vigorous massage from a blind masseur and an attempt to become a contortionist with the famous acrobats, and travelling to the silk capital of Suzhou to learn about silk and classical Chinese gardens. It also includes a daylong train ride into the Yellow Mountains, the most painted landscapes in China.

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