NGC to premier Journey of Man

NGC to premier Journey of Man

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Nov 19,2002 7:22 AM

NGC to premier Journey of Man

NGC will telecast a journey of man, a story on genetic evidence that shows that humans alive today are descended from a single man, on 15th of December 2002 at 9 PM. The genetic evidence is based on the thousands of blood samples taken across the world over the past year. The show claims to give its viewers vivid details on how every person on earth is a part of a connected family of a man, who lived in Africa some 60,000 years ago.

For the show, NGC will go for multimedia campaigning. Says Dilshad Master, Sr. VP, Content and Communications, "We will use the Star Network in the electronic media, Internet and the national dailies as far as print media is concerned." She further adds, "We will also exploit Radio FM in Delhi and Radio City in Mumbai and Bangalore." The advertisement in the Print media will break on the day of the show itself.

The show will tell us about the story of the human journey out of Africa and into the rest of the world, tracing history through evidence uncovered in the Y-chromosome of man's DNA. Traversing six continents, the film takes viewers on a journey of the world of their ancestry and offers a modern look at our modern world. The two-hour show will be hosted by geneticist, Dr. Spencer Wells, who took the journey himself for making the documentary, 'Journey of Man'.

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