NGC to make you think again with ‘Megacities’ starting January 29

NGC to make you think again with ‘Megacities’ starting January 29

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Jan 28,2006 9:16 AM

NGC to make you think again with ‘Megacities’ starting January 29

National Geographic Channel is set to captivate viewers through their latest programming initiative, ‘Megacities’. Premiering on January 29, 2006 at 9 pm, ‘Megacities’ takes a different look at places where sizeable parts of a nation’s population dwell, the modern metropolis.

The eight-part series will examine eight iconic cities – Mumbai, Las Vegas, Mexico City, Hong Kong, London, Paris, Sao Paulo and New York. ‘Megacities’ provides a larger than life insight into these cities by going beyond the surface glitz to examine their mega infrastructures such as power grids, transportation systems, water supplies, air traffic control, etc.

Speaking at the preview screening of the Mumbai episode of ‘Megacities’, Rajesh Sheshadri, Vice-President, Marketing, National Geographic Channel, India, said, “Every episode of ‘Megacities’ offers an extraordinary look into the inner workings of a mega city and emphasises the city’s particular challenges or innovations. It highlights specific construction or infrastructural projects such as landfills, airports, skyscrapers, sewer systems and transit lines, rather than merely offering a general overview of the entire city. There is a lot we don’t know about the cities we live in, and National Geographic Channel strives to make its viewers ‘Think again’ about these mega cities.”

The first episode of ‘Megacities’ will focus on Mumbai as it gears up to become a mega city, the world’s largest metropolis by 2020, with the population expected to touch 28 million.

After Mumbai, the next episode to be aired on January 31, at 9 pm, will highlight London, examining the technology that is used to protect London’s infrastructure from disaster.

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