NewsX launches live debate series, Connect

NewsX launches live debate series, Connect

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, May 02,2017 4:01 PM

NewsX launches live debate series, Connect

NewsX is launching a live-debate series 'Connect’ to be telecast at 6:30pm every weekday on NewsX, NewsX HD and on

The format will see a global first inauguration of 'NewsX Facebook Debates' live and simultaneous on Facebook and on NewsX and NewsX HD. The show is designed to maximise connectivity with viewers and merge all available social media platforms with mainstream national news. The guests and audience on NewsX Facebook Debates will be able to interact in real time with the guests and viewers in the NewsX studios on an issue of public or national importance.

Viewers will be able to comment/post comment videos to be made available live on-air and on-line while the debate is in progress using a dedicated WhatsApp line, connecting WhatsApp directly to the production control rooms. The aim is to engage a new generation of viewers and break the mould of the television debate concept with a revolutionary level of audience engagement and interactivity. At the same time, the curative abilities of traditional mainstream media will be applied to filter out trolls and use of invective that plague genuine consumers of news and opinion online.

Viewers will thereby be able to participate in debates via Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp by posting their own videos and comments real time.

The show format will help those in responsible positions, including Police Commissioners, Mayors, Public Servants, Ministers and Public Representatives at various levels get a more direct bearing of viewer opinion, while at the same time connecting a generation of 'New Indians' to those in power to bring about greater impact.

'Connect' also will engage 'young Indians' who are 'Digi Savvy' and re-involve them in their country's governance by streamlining the ease-of-use of social media with the impact of traditional media. Consequently, the show will encourage participation of young Indians as part of its ethos.

More than 166 million Indians have Facebook accounts, 95% of which are on mobile phones. Of these 69 million are active on a daily basis. Twitter in India has 24 million active users. More than 300 million Indians now carry smart-phones/smart devices. 'Connect' on NewsX and NewsX HD will give users from all these platforms, including 200 million WhatsApp users a chance to engage the mainstream media in a seamless environment.

NewsX through 'Connect' will also now look to merge 'Traditional Media' with 'New Media' and change the perceptions of the two domains being treated as separate entities.


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