News Channel Makeovers: The Genre Hots-Up

News Channel Makeovers: The Genre Hots-Up

Author | Minita Kumar | Thursday, May 30,2002 8:19 AM

News Channel Makeovers: The Genre Hots-Up

With information becoming the key word anywhere and everywhere, no wonder news channels have become extremely popular amongst all genres of channels. So much so, that all marketing and packaging efforts that never saw a future in news based channels, are now increasingly being channeled to this genre. Remember the good old Doordarshan news or the black and white 'Times of India' not a very long time back?

With competition on the rise by the day, the fact of the matter is that marketing and packaging has become extremely crucial. Which is why revamping TV-channels has become the new mantra for marketers. And the news channel genre is not far behind too, with Aaj Tak and Zee News both flaunting a new look.

Starting Monday 13th May '02, Aaj Tak has been sporting a new look. While all other channels treat graphics in a 2 D format, Aaj Tak now treats graphics in the 3 D format, which brings more clarity and attractiveness in the channel. The screen too has been refurbished to look better as well as pack more information.

Says G Krishnan, CEO, Aaj Tak, "Aaj Tak, in a short span of a year, has redefined the news genre' and in order to maintain our edge over competition, it has been our constant endeavor to reinvent ourselves. We have looked at the best international practices and tried to incorporate in our channel, all those, which are suited to our philosophy and our TG. Apart from the changes you have already seen, you will notice many more improvements. The logo, for example, is being changed from '24 Hrs' to 'Sab Se Tez', to showcase our movement up the advertising value chain. It's more than a line; it's a philosophy, because the idea is to stay ahead of the rest. All this helps us to differentiate ourselves vis-à-vis competition and with greater differentiation comes higher brand value and thereby higher channel share. "

Zee News too has seen some cosmetic changes in the recent past. Says Sanjay Pugalia, Executive Editor, Zee News, "Change has been an ongoing process at Zee News in the last one year. It's been our constant endeavor to keep up with the changing times. Starting 1st June, the channel will see value adds in the form of animation and a new 8-minute capsule on cars called 'Wheelocity'."

The news channel genre has been redefined, with news channels constantly undergoing change in a bid to stay ahead of competition, and marketers leaving no stone unturned to attract more eyeballs. What would be interesting to note is how other key news channels react to get one up over competition.

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