Network18 & Microsoft create the CNN-IBN - Microsoft Election Analytics Centre

Network18 & Microsoft create the CNN-IBN - Microsoft Election Analytics Centre

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Apr 07,2014 8:05 AM

Network18 & Microsoft create the CNN-IBN - Microsoft Election Analytics Centre

In a first-of-its-kind partnership in India, the Network has joined hands with technology leader, Microsoft India, to create the CNN-IBN - Microsoft Election Analytics Centre, to power its television and online platforms with election data and analyses.  The centre will use Microsoft software and hardware technologies to bring deep analysis, trends and data visualisation during the General Elections 2014, to its viewers. The centre will also enable CNN-IBN and IBN7 viewers to find, search and engage with election data like never before in India through an ‘Indian Election’ app, and online platforms such as,, and others.

Commenting on the partnership, Ajay Chacko, COO, Network18, said, “General Elections 2014 are possibly the most complex electoral exercise ever undertaken. Technologically enabled tools and skills are required to decode, decipher and analyse the subtle nuances of these elections. We are excited about partnering with Microsoft in this context and leveraging their leadership in technology and analytics. We are confident that this will further add to our legacy of credibility and accuracy in elections programming.”

Adding further, Rajdeep Sardesai, Editor-in-Chief, IBN Network, said, “We are very excited about the partnership with Microsoft India.  We have always believed in putting our viewers first and giving them the best we can. This partnership is another step in that direction. Microsoft with its vast expertise in technology and analytics will definitely add value and precision to our programming this election.”

Bhaskar Pramanik, Chairman, Microsoft India, said, “With a billion people gearing up to make their voices heard, there is a lot of data out there that can sometimes be confusing. Using cloud services, big data analysis and data visualization will help CNN-IBN present that data in a manner that makes sense to the Indian voter, and helps them engage with the election process much more than ever before.”

The CNN-IBN - Microsoft Election Analytics Centre will use a range of Microsoft devices and services, and leverage analysis of current and historical data to provide people with intelligent election insights. Available to viewers and readers on CNN-IBN, IBN7,, and several other online platforms from Network18 and Microsoft, the analysis will be powered by data visualisation by a Microsoft partner, Gramener – a data visualisation company.

Election content will come alive in the CNN-IBN and IBN7 studios on the Microsoft Perceptive Pixel Interface, an 82” Windows 8 powered touch display device. The IBN Network will fully integrate these inputs in their analyses and programming on General Elections 2014. Online, the content will be available at <> where visitors can access analytics on Indian election trends over the years across parties, candidates and constituencies. Deeply integrated with Bing Maps, the same will also be available on

To get access to information right on their fingertips Windows Phone and Windows 8 tablet users can download the ‘Indian Elections’ app from the Windows Store, over the next few days, Subsequently, the app will also be available for iOS and Android users.

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