NDTV serves up cinema & cuisine in new show

NDTV serves up cinema & cuisine in new show

Author | Abid Hasan | Thursday, Mar 01,2012 10:12 AM

NDTV serves up cinema & cuisine in new show

To break the monotony of regular cookery shows, NDTV 24x7 takes a peep into what’s cooking at Bollywood superstars’ kitchens in its new show ‘What’s Cooking, Good Looking’, which went on air on February 25, 2012.

Commenting on the new show, Vikram Chandra, Group CEO and Executive Director, NDTV, said, “The idea of this show is to unveil a completely new and different side to our favourite stars. Few people would believe that celebrities actually toil over hot stoves, and granted many of them do not, but during the course of the show the audience will discover for themselves that there are quite a few of them who actually do. There are some celebrities who get competitive in the kitchen, some are ambitious cooks, some have just a few dishes in reserve and some are willing to learn. So, I am sure that viewers will thoroughly enjoy exploring this side of the stars.”

Talking further about the promotion strategy, he said, “We at NDTV have used a cross channel promotion strategy for ‘What’s Cooking, Good Looking’. The show has been promoted between our four channels and our website ndtv.com. Through the use of these we have successfully reached our target audiences.”

Commenting on the show’s USP and TG, Chandra said, “The USP of the show is the fact that you have celebrities not only share their favourite dishes, but also preparing them for you. So now, viewers will have a chance to not only learn about their favourite celeb’s dishes, but also serve them at home – be it Imran Khan’s famous chilli, Farah Khan’s Yakhni pulao or Priyanka Chopra’s pizza. The show’s TG are foodies, anyone and everyone who loves good food and cinema.”

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