NDTV re-subscribes to TAM

NDTV re-subscribes to TAM

Author | Abid Hasan | Friday, May 09,2014 9:57 AM

NDTV re-subscribes to TAM

TAM ratings are once again in focus with NDTV deciding to re-subscribe to TAM data. NDTV re-subscribed to TAM data last month and the subscription has just started.

When asked about the reason behind the decision to go back to the ratings, KV Narayan Rao, Executive Vice Chairperson, NDTV replied, “Basically, they had stopped giving data relating to NDTV to advertising agencies, which was beginning to affect the revenues.”

As is known, NDTV had filed law suit on July 26, 2012 alleging that The Nielsen Co had fudged viewership data in India. The news broadcaster had sought damages amounting to a minimum of $1.3 billion – $580 million for negligence, a minimum of $810 million for fraud and more on a variety of other causes of action, including legal fees from the Nielsen group, Kantar group, TAM Media.

The New York Court hearing the case dismissed the lawsuit on grounds of forum non conveniens grounds and said that India would be a more convenient forum than the US. 

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