NDTV Profit & Outlook group join hands for the union budget.

NDTV Profit & Outlook group join hands for the union budget.

Author | Manish Ranjan | Friday, Jun 26,2009 8:00 AM

NDTV Profit & Outlook group join hands for the union budget.

Editors from NDTV Profit, Outlook Business, Outlook Money and Outlook Profit will work together to analyze and evaluate the Union Budget and present it to both its readers and viewers. The editors will highlight the impact and implications of the budget on businesses, the stock markets and on taxpayers' personal finances. The two groups will bring together a strong team to leverage the individual strengths of print publishing and television journalism to produce a high impact, 360-degree analysis of the upcoming budget.

The association will include a number of shows on NDTV Profit both before and after the presentation of the budget; and articles, columns and expert views in the forthcoming issues of the three Outlook group magazines.

Commenting on this strategic tie-up, Maheshwer Peri, Publisher, Outlook group, said, “Due to the credibility of NDTV group we have chosen NDTV Profit for this tie- up. When the best in the business in television and magazines get together, all stakeholders, readers/viewers and advertisers will benefit out of it. We are happy to be associating ourselves with NDTV Profit in this unique association.”

When asked about the revenue model for this tie –up, Peri elaborated, “This is not the revenue tie up; this is based on the basis of content only. Outlook group will use the combined editorial strengths of their publications - Outlook Business, Outlook Money and Outlook Profit - to power this relationship with NDTV Profit.”

Ecstatic about the tie-up, a senior official from NDTV Profit, on the condition of anonymity, said, “The Outlook group is a very well established publishing house in India. We value their editorial independence, thought provoking and in-depth reporting and coverage from which we feel our viewers will derive value.”

When asked about the longevity of the understanding between two groups, he said “As of now, the tie-up is just for the budget coverage. We will work together to build on our individual strengths in the television and the magazine publishing businesses."

On the revenue model he also confirmed, “We are coming together to leverage our combined reporting and editorial strengths. There will not be any revenue impact.”

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