NBA elections: G Krishnan re-elected President; Sameer Manchanda is Vice-President

NBA elections: G Krishnan re-elected President; Sameer Manchanda is Vice-President

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Oct 01,2008 8:41 AM

NBA elections: G Krishnan re-elected President; Sameer Manchanda is Vice-President

The News Broadcasters Association (NBA), which was constituted last year, held its first Annual General Meeting on September 30. Barun Das, CEO, Zee News Ltd; Chintamani Rao, CEO, Times Global Broadcasting Company Ltd; KVL Narayan Rao, Group CEO, NDTV Ltd; Rohit Bansal, COO, Independent News Services Pvt Ltd; and Shazi Zaman, Editor, Media Content & Communications Services (India) Pvt Ltd were elected to the Board of Directors for 2008-09.

Subsequently, in the Board of Directors meeting that followed, the Board unanimously re-elected G Krishnan as President, Sameer Manchanda as Vice-President and KVL Narayan Rao as Honorary Treasurer for the second term.

Krishnan said, “The future before us is very complex and challenging. The question we have to ask is, do we have the vision to move together to meet these challenges? The Indian broadcasting industry will change enormously and we will have to change willingly. Instead of reluctantly drifting into the future, we should drive the future using all the tools available to us, given of course that Government policies adapt to new realities. The movement forward is a collective initiative supported with a sound policy environment. The industry and Government must work together in a public private partnership to meet the new challenges and to strengthen the broadcasting industry rather than strangulate the industry. A meaningful dialogue is needed with the Government and the various stakeholders.”

“The recent recommendations of the TRAI to the Government on TAM and TRP are a case in point. In the garb of purportedly rationalising television rating system, it cannot control content and cannot confuse and intertwine the diverse subjects of ‘industry research’ and ‘content’. TRAI has in its final recommendations, recommended that regulations of content should be transferred to TRAI and self-regulation may be through a industry body with Government involvement and Government guidelines covering organisational structure, functioning and methodology for television rating system. TRAI has no role in laying down guidelines for industry research and it should not deviate from worldwide industry practices, which they have relied upon. It should not tread upon territory it is not empowered to go into,” Krishnan added.

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