Nat Geo to take viewers behind the scene in ‘Inside Series’ in December

Nat Geo to take viewers behind the scene in ‘Inside Series’ in December

Author | Sumita Patra | Tuesday, Oct 24,2006 6:47 AM

Nat Geo to take viewers behind the scene in ‘Inside Series’ in December

National Geographic channel plans to bid adieu to this year with a brand news series called the ‘Inside Series’. The channel will launch the show in December. The ‘Inside Series’ will have specific blocks of one hour each bringing to the fore behind the scenes activities of various landmark events.

The show will highlight the behind the scenes action of the Rolling Stones concert, one of the biggest concerts in history, where the channel will make an attempt to showcase what it takes to organise a concert of that scale.

The series also proposes to give viewers a peek into what goes on in a space mission through the ‘Space Launch’ episode. Throughout the training, launch, and re-entry procedures, specially placed cameras will give never seen before images inside a Russian space mission, gaining unprecedented access to the floor of mission control as well as the highly secure launch.

Nat Geo will also showcase Chinese New Year celebrations through the episode ‘Hong Kong’s Big Bang’. Another episode will deal with the frenetic preparations behind a gala event like the FIFA Club Championships, through ‘Inside FIFA Club Championship: Toyota Cup’.

Rajesh Sheshadri, Vice-president, Marketing, National Geographic Channel, India, said, “The show goes with our philosophy of ‘Think Again’. These are incidents that hold interest to our core TG and will help cement our position.”

Though the marketing plan for the series has not been finalised yet, Sheshadri revealed that channel would be building a contest around it to make it more interesting.

Among other things, the channel would dedicate the entire month of November to award winning programmes by Nat Geo. This apart, the channel would showcase one of its biggest properties, the ‘Geo Awards’, in January 2007.

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