Nat Geo reveals the ‘Inside’ story of some of the world’s best-kept secrets

Nat Geo reveals the ‘Inside’ story of some of the world’s best-kept secrets

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, Oct 06,2007 8:13 AM

Nat Geo reveals the ‘Inside’ story of some of the world’s best-kept secrets

National Geographic Channel is set to take its viewers inside world’s most secret places and events with the brand new season of the ‘Inside’ series. The series will premiere on Monday, October 8, at 10 pm (weeknights till October 19). The series will give viewers insight into places ranging from the FBI to Iraq’s Kill Zone to the secrets and survival strategy of the Forbidden City in China.

Speaking about the series, Rajesh Sheshadri, Senior Vice President – Content and Communication, National Geographic Channel India, said, “Staying true to our philosophy of making our viewers rethink about the world they live in, this new season of ‘Inside’ series will bring unknown facts to life that have been shrouded in secrecy for years.”

The series will begin with an episode titled `Shock and Awe’, which takes a look at Operation Iraqi freedom targeted at Saddam Hussain’s Baghdad. Using spectacular exclusive imagery and computer generated imagery (CGI), National Geographic Channel investigates the planning and execution of Shock and Awe, putting it into historical perspective and looking at the future of warfare. The episode will get an inside view of the technology that allows overwhelming firepower to be accurately targeted, and investigate how exotic missiles like the thermobaric ‘bunker busters’ work.

There is also an episode titled ‘Undercover in North Korea’, which ventures inside North Korea with reporter Lisa Ling as she enters the country as part of a medical team. An episode titled ‘Super Carrier’ is the story of a super carrier where 6,000 men and women run one of the most complex machines ever built. In this episode, the explorer has negotiated access to embed in the US Navy’s JTFEX, or Joint Task Force Exercise, which has never been captured by documentary cameras.

There is also an episode on Jaguar, which will takes an inside look at one of the world’s legendary car companies struggling to survive and re-invent itself. The series unfolds many more well-kept secrets.

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