Nat Geo out to reinforce size matters with new season of ‘Megastructures’

Nat Geo out to reinforce size matters with new season of ‘Megastructures’

Author | exchange4media News Service | Thursday, Jul 26,2007 9:27 AM

Nat Geo out to reinforce size matters with new season of ‘Megastructures’

National Geographic Channel is back with a brand new season of ‘Megastructures’. The show delves into the seemingly impossible greatest structures of the world. ‘Megastructures’ is a long-running property of Nat Geo and will premiere this year as part of the channel’s MegaThursdays, and will be telecast every Thursday at 8 pm from August 16 onwards.

The triumph of giant-scale engineering would be revealed, as also the drama, personal stories and the remarkable technological innovation behind some of the world’s most impressive structures. The show attempts to unravel the economical and physical challenges faced during the making of such enormous structures. This 15-week series will showcase examples of ground breaking engineering and awe-inspiring imagination through architectural marvels like Dubai’s World Islands, Ice Hotel, Petronas Towers, the Milau Bridge in Southern France, Kingda Ka, and many more.

“‘Megastructures’ takes a striking look at these amazing structures and machines, which were once unthinkable engineering challenges, but now stand tall as the greatest feats of human intelligence and hard work, making us re-think the definition of ‘big’. It takes us inside these modern marvels to uncover the cogs and screws and see how these mega-dreams became mega structures,” said Rajesh Sheshadri, Vice-President, Marketing, National Geographic Channel India.

As with all its shows, this time too, Nat Geo has a detailed plan for the promotion of ‘Megastructures’. The channel has partnered with Café Coffee Day for innovative on-ground promotion in 250 outlets across 40 cities. Café Coffee Day has introduced a special menu called ‘Megabites’ to celebrate the premiere of ‘Megastructures’. The ‘Megabites’ menu will be promoted on Nat Geo, while promotions for ‘Megastructures’ will be visible at the Café Coffee Day outlets.

The channel has also planned a contest where viewers can win a trip to Millau, world’s tallest bridge in Southern France, by answering a simple question asked during the episodes of ‘Megastructures’. The Millau Bridge, which will be featured on the show, stands at a staggering height of 1,125 feet and is 2.5 km long.

“The show will also be promoted through the magazine ‘Maxim’, as well as on the cricket site,, considering the current cricketing buzz. Like we do for any of our new shows, this time too, we have launched a microsite for ‘Megastructures’, which will have details of the show’s episodes, facts and pictures of the mega structures, and contests. The promotions for the show are already airing on Nat Geo and leading TV channels, as well as on radio. Moreover, innovative interstitials on Nat Geo include interviews with Indian personalities who have changed the face of mega structures in India, including E Sreedharan who built Delhi’s Metro system, and renowned architects Hafeez Contractor and Mohit Gujral, apart from vox pops,” elaborated Sheshadri.

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