Nat Geo investigates history’s most tragic disasters

Nat Geo investigates history’s most tragic disasters

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, May 15,2007 9:13 AM

Nat Geo investigates history’s most tragic disasters

Like most channels, National Geographic Channel is also all geared for its summer programming. The channel is presenting the third season of its series ‘Nat Geo Investigates: Seconds from Disaster’. The ten-part series revisits history’s biggest and most tragic disasters to investigate the reasons that triggered each calamity, through a second-by-second analysis of the critical chain of events that led to the tragedy. Premiered on May 14, the show is being aired from Monday to Friday in the 10 pm time slot, till May 25.

Speaking about the series, Rajesh Sheshadri, Vice President-Marketing, National Geographic Channel, India said, “From the sinking of the Titanic to the Munich Olympic Massacre to the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster, this series promises to make viewers rethink about the accepted reasons behind these tragedies. With unseen footage and groundbreaking technology, each episode presents second-by-second account before the tragedy struck.”

The first episode of the show revisited the sinking of the infamous cruise ship Titanic with eyewitness accounts, computer generated images (CGI) and cutting-edge experiments in an attempt to retrace the final moments of the ship. Said Sheshadri, “The film ‘Titanic’ was a huge hit worldwide, including India. Therefore having the premiere episode on the sinking of the ship surely resonates with the Indian audience.”

The disasters featured and analysed in this season of ‘Nat Geo Investigates: Seconds from Disaster’ include the Munich Olympic massacre in 1972; the superstore collapse in Seoul in 1995; the comet that mysteriously crashed into the Mediterranean Sea in 1954; NASA’s Challenger Space Shuttle explosion in 1986; the tornado outbreak in the US in 1974; the aircraft carrier explosion of July 1967 during the Vietnam war that killed 134 sailors in the blaze; the sudden volcano eruption on the island of Montserrat in the Caribbean Sea in 1997; the Chicago air crash in 1979 that claimed the lives of 273 people; and the 2005 refinery explosion in Texas.

Sheshadri added, “With a truly phenomenal line-up, we are looking at promoting this series innovatively not only on-air, but also through various off-air activities, thus giving it a 360-degree approach.”

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