Nat Geo’s new brand proposition – ‘Think again’ – delivers

Nat Geo’s new brand proposition – ‘Think again’ – delivers

Author | exchange4media Mumbai Bureau | Tuesday, Nov 29,2005 8:38 AM

Nat Geo’s new brand proposition – ‘Think again’ – delivers

The National Geographic Channel has cemented its leadership position in the infotainment genre and emerged as the number one channel in this category for 15 weeks, starting from week 28 to 46. Over this 19-week period, the channel garnered a share of 0.41 on an average, amongst viewers aged 15 years and above in cable-and-satellite household’s across five major metros.

Interestingly, also reflected in the TAM ratings, National Geographic Channel has enjoyed the highest channel share in the infotainment genre, across various target audiences, be it on an all-India basis or cutting through the five metros, in this 19-week period.

The channel attributes its success to its new brand positioning of getting viewers to ‘Think again’. The other major contributory factor was the channel’s endeavour to stay consistently relevant to the viewer, be it through programmes focused on contemporary issues, or localising content striking a chord with viewers.

“The National Geographic Channel today caters to the intelligent viewer, who has a thirst for knowledge and appreciates incisive and informative programming. The ratings reflect that the channel is being appreciated for its unique content, and we would like to reaffirm our promise to our viewers with a bouquet of more informative and entertaining programmes that will offer fresh perspectives and make them ‘Think again’ about the world they live in,” said Rajesh Sheshadri, Vice President-Marketing, National Geographic Channel, India.

The channel has seen a slew of programmes in recent months that focussed on issues and concerns ranging from deadly viruses like SARS and the bird flu, to the truth behind contemporary fiction like ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and to natural calamities like tornados and landslides.

Moreover, National Geographic Channel offers a unique insight with India-specific programmes such as ‘It Happens Only in India’, and the channels biggest yet Mission property “Nat Geo Mission Udaan: Inside the Indian Air Force”, giving viewers an exclusive peek into the fourth largest air force in the world – the Indian Air Force.

In Week 28 Nat Geo had aired its episode on ‘Unlocking Da Vinci’s Code’. The show topped the rating charts in the week it was aired. The depth and relevance of the programme was applauded not just in its category but across all genres as well.

Riding on this success, Week 35 on the channel was everything from gamma ray radiation in deep space to the threat of asteroids and an in-depth look at the possibility of ‘Life on Mars’; ‘Space: Closest Encounters’ gave viewers the chance of a lifetime to explore the various facets of the thrilling world of space.

In September, National Geographic Channel set out to enchant viewers with stories from the real India in a 12 episode series – ‘It Happens Only In India’. Week 38 witnessed yet another high in ratings with a series highlighting unique aspects of India with a mix of varied programmes to showcase the mystery, adventure, wildlife, technology and rich heritage of this country.

Making use of real and actual events – ‘It Happens Only in India’ explored facets of India that cut across all geographical boundaries, reaching out to the hearts and minds of the people.

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