Narendra Modi slams Doordarshan for blackout

Narendra Modi slams Doordarshan for blackout

Author | Kanika Mehrotra | Wednesday, Apr 30,2014 9:04 AM

Narendra Modi slams Doordarshan for blackout

As BJP’s prime ministerial candidate, Narendra Modi’s public speeches and interviews have been a staple at various news channels, however, it is only now that national broadcaster Doordarshan has featured Modi’s interview.

In his hour-long interview with journalist Ashok Srivastav, Modi complained that he had been blacked out by Doordarshan for long. He further said that Gujarat contributed the maximum revenues to Doordarshan, despite this the broadcaster had been maintaining distance from the Chief Minister of Gujarat. Modi added that instead of being angry about this biased attitude of Doordarshan, he still decided to speak to Doordarshan “only for the sake of Democracy”.

Another important factor for speaking to Doordarshan could be that as a veteran politician, Modi understands the reach and connect of the national broadcaster. This medium reaches the masses and the interior parts of the country and it comprises of a large chunk of prospective voters.

On being asked why contrary to his previous image of a leader who speaks about development, his latest speeches don’t have much content about development and come across more as blame game, Modi in his reply blamed the media of being biased and not highlighting his speeches in which he has spoken about development. The BJP leader also said that there are issues such as “Ganga-Jamuna Sanskriti” about which he has been speaking for long, but it is only now that the media is talking about it.

Modi in his interview also talked about topics concerning Arvind Kejriwal, Kapil Sibal’s comment on Sabarmati and other political issues as well.

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