My favourite TV character - Amma ji

My favourite TV character - Amma ji

Author | Synjini Nandi | Thursday, Dec 06,2012 3:53 AM

My favourite TV character - Amma ji

Fiction shows have always been a staple of the Hindi GECs, and what contributes to the popularity of such shows is the portrayal of characters, who become household names, with the audience keenly following the goings on in their lives.

Ambika Sharma, Managing Director and CEO, Pulp Strategy, says ‘Amma Ji’, the matriarch in the TV serial ‘Na Aana Is Des Laado’ is her favourite Tv character because of the different shades of grey that her character represents.

Meghna Malik aka ‘Amma ji’ played the female lead as the head of the Sangwan family as well as the sarpanch of Veerpur. The people of Veerpur follow old practices such as female infanticide. The show revolved around a girl Sia, who takes a stance against Amma ji’s atrocities.

exchange4media chats with Ambika Sharma to find out what she likes about ‘Amma ji’…

Who is your favourite character on the Hindi General Entertainment Space?
I don’t follow any particular space, but there was a character called ‘Amma Ji’, who was the equivalent of a don on Colors' show 'Na Aana Is Des Laado'. I found her rather fascinating. It was not just the character, but the relevance of the character to the kind of environment depicted that made the character powerful with so many shades of grey.

What do you like about the 'Amma ji'?
The character had all shades of grey and the actor playing it fit the role so well. She was not really likable, but was hard to ignore.

Do you think she does justice to the storyline?
I think the story mostly revolved around her for a long time, but as story weaving changes, one character cannot hope to shoulder the burden for long. Ultimately it is a congregation of powerful characters and an intertwining of many stories that make a good storyline.

Do you think the popularity of a particular character extends itself to the show or a show shapes up the characters?
I think that as characters become popular and get a large fan following, they automatically have an increased dominance. I liked the fact that the producers and the channel picked up such a sensitive topic (female infanticide) and found a strong character to weave the story.

How often did you tune in to the show 'Na Aana Is Des Laado'?
Not every often, it used to be when switching channels if I chanced upon a scene with her I would pause and begin to watch. I am not a regular follower. The show is off air now.

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