My fav TV character: Anoop Soni of Crime Patrol

My fav TV character: Anoop Soni of Crime Patrol

Author | Synjini Nandi | Wednesday, Jan 23,2013 7:47 PM

My fav TV character: Anoop Soni of Crime Patrol

A distinguished potrayal of characters is essential for TV shows to do well. In most cases, shows enjoy popularity and fan following because of one particular character that is different from all others and has managed to attract the viewer’s attention through his/her uniqueness.

Priti Nair, Director, Curry Nation says Anoop Soni from Crime Patrol is her favourite because of his narration skills and the absolute genuinity with which he conducts the show.

Crime Patrol is an Indian crime television series that airs on Sony Entertainment Television India and Sony Entertainment Television Asia. It showcases crime against Indian citizens, along with capturing the Indian police’s fight against these crimes. The series is hosted by Anoop Soni.

exchange4media chats with Priti Nair to find out what she likes about Anoop Soni…

Who is your favourite TV character in the Hindi general entertainment space?
My favourite character on television is Anoop Soni of Crime Patrol, a show that airs on Sony Entertainment Television.

What do you like about Soni?
There are three things in particular that makes him and the show one of my favourites. The first is the way he goes about with his narration. The content also stands out in terms of pitching. The third reason would be the fact is that the show is not high strung and doesn't come across as force fitted.

Do you think he does justice to the storyline?
He does absolute justice to the storyline. His intensity comes across as genuine and his voice modulation makes the narration more interesting.

Do you the popularity of a particular character extends itself to the show or does a show shape up the characters?
I think it works both ways. Both, the character and the show are interdependent on each other. I would also like to add that the creative team of Crime patrol has managed to present the show in a completely different light altogether.

How often do you tune in to Crime Patrol?
I watch it every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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