Mukerjeas, Vir Sanghvi smoke the peace pipe at INX News

Mukerjeas, Vir Sanghvi smoke the peace pipe at INX News

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Wednesday, Jan 23,2008 7:11 AM

Mukerjeas, Vir Sanghvi smoke the peace pipe at INX News

The INX News story saw yet one more turn – this time for the better. The past week was buzzing with media reports and industry rumours – planted or otherwise – on whether Vir Sanghvi was on his way out. At the end of a peace meeting held in Delhi on the afternoon of Tuesday, January 22, 2008, all is well at INX News with the Mukerjeas and Sanghvi issuing a statement assuring all that life goes on at INX News.

In the joint statement, Sanghvi and Mukerjea stated, “We are old friends, and we are confident that we can resolve any differences that may have risen between us in a spirit of goodwill and friendship.”

Added Indrani Mukerjea: “We are continuing as we have always been.”

After a week of speculation indicating a battle royalé, status quo has been maintained. Sanghvi continues as CEO of INX News, Indrani Mukerjea as Chairperson, and Vysnley Fernandes as COO. And the first channel from INX News, ‘NewsX’, is slated for launch in mid-March 2008.

INX News hit the headlines in the past week with stories of unhappy investors, non-delivery by Sanghvi, and what next. The reason cited for the problem was the delay in the launch of the English news channel ‘NewsX’. Speculations were rife that the issue was grave enough to result in Sanghvi’s exit from INX News.

But all is well that ends well. From the look of things, Sanghvi will indeed see through the launch of ‘NewsX’. The speculations seem to have been put to rest following the peace meeting – at least for now.

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