Mudra to capture 'zindagi' in Channel 7 ad

Mudra to capture 'zindagi' in Channel 7 ad

Author | Malini Menon | Wednesday, Apr 06,2005 8:00 AM

Mudra to capture 'zindagi' in Channel 7 ad

The countdown has begun. As Channel 7 sets the optimistic target of reaching out to 28 million homes within 30 days of launch, the television channel is backing all the 'live-action' with promotional activities. The television commercial made by Mudra will be on air this week. This will be followed by print, radio and outdoor campaign.

Hemant Misra, President, North and East, Mudra, said, "Channel 7 is all about in-depth news. In its treatment of news, the emphasis is on interpreting and presenting news in a format that is novel and contemporary. The idea was to capture this vision about the channel on to the tube." On the upcoming TVC, he added, "The television commercial will be focused on the news aspect. It will encapsulate how news can be exploratory and presented with finesse."

So will the 'lucky' figure seven feature in the commercials too? "The number 7 is being used only in the teasers. In all subsequent communication, the idea is about zindagi (life) in all its dimensions, richness and fullness," said Shailesh Gupta, Director -Marketing, Jagran Prakashan.

Gupta believes that the advertisement will reinforce the channel's core value - capturing zindagi onto the camera. "The news genre has evolved greatly over the last few years. Today back-to-back news will not be enough as there are well-established players doing just that," he said. Gupta rationalises that to grow in this space of cluttered news channels, the genre has to be evolved to the next level. He said that the promotion evolves to this level of infotainment with two important riders like non-fiction and currency.

On the client's brief, he said, "Channel 7 is about life in all its facets because news at the end of the day is a reflection of life. That is the idea the communication is rooted in."

Interestingly, the channel is taking a different platform to reach the audience. The emphasis is more on non-fiction genre and the whole packaging revolves around making news an enjoyable experience. The channel's new programming concepts include the morning breakfast show called Good Morning 7, which will give viewers the latest news along with gup shup, which includes talk on health, astrology and gourmet. The morning feast will be followed by power packed programmes like news from states, the daily cricket show, Giraftar-crime series, Metro Zindagi, among others. The channel's positioning of being an infotainment news channel is further pushed by the weekend slots, which will be dedicated to weekend roundup from India and across the globe. Siddhartha Gupta, Director, Channel 7, said, "A huge untapped market awaits compelling and analytical news programmes. Our research indicates that non-fiction genre has been ignored so far by the competitors and this will be our area of focus."

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