MTV’s new serial and movies are looking for appointment viewing

MTV’s new serial and movies are looking for appointment viewing

Author | Rummana Ahmed | Thursday, Dec 30,2004 7:31 AM

MTV’s new serial and movies are looking for appointment viewing

MTV launched its first serial, Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi (KMHZ) on 25th October. The target audience for the serial is female in the age group of 15-24 years, SEC A, B, C among only C&S channels. Last Sunday MTV aired Hyderabad Blues 2 while Phir Milenge was aired on World Aids Day.

Is MTV consciously changing its strategy by introducing serials and movies? Sources in MTV, say, “Our strategy is driven by our viewers always. If at all there is a change, it is a conscious attempt to build an appointment-viewing block. Kitni Mast Hai Zindagi (KMHZ), our serial, is our first real step in that direction. And movies work in a great way to bring in bigger and newer audiences.”

TAM data shows that among its core audience, target group CS, SEC A, B, C, female 15-24 years, the TVR on the day of KMHZ’s launch was 0.08, the next week the TVR had gone up to 2.11, the serial is doing well with latest TVRs between 1.07-1.48.

CVL Srinivas, MD, Maxus, said, “MTV has definitely taken a step in the right direction. If we look at the music genre the content is very similar across the board, MTV is at least trying to differentiate itself. There is a certain newness and that will definitely help. The ad revenue and the viewership certainly prove that the move is successful.”

Why have they introduced these new changes? MTV, explains, “It is really an attempt to move from snack-in-snack-out viewing to appointment viewing. We are looking at building some key viewership blocks when young adults have control over the remote and offer them content that they can identify with and truly enjoy.”

Kajal Thakur, Regional Director, OMS, Delhi, said, “This is an interesting trend and smart thinking by MTV. The channel’s target group is the youth and this segment wants more than just music. By airing serials and movies the channel is not digressing but is actually catering to newer interests and needs of its audience rather than allowing it to drift to other channels.”

The new strategy seems to be working at the moment but is the move sustainable? Channels across the board air serials and movies and with MTV taking the initiative other channels in the music genre may follow. Sandip Tarkas, President, Media Directions, answers, “MTV has adopted this strategy to garner larger numbers and to attract newer audience. I feel its too early to say if the move will pay off.”

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