MTV Network signs on P9 Integrated to market its entertainment properties

MTV Network signs on P9 Integrated to market its entertainment properties

Author | Pritie S Jadhav | Thursday, Feb 02,2006 7:56 AM

MTV Network signs on P9 Integrated to market its entertainment properties

MTV Network has appointed P9 Integrated as their sole concessionaires for marketing entertainment properties and representing MTV in the entertainment industry. The deal includes exclusive rights of selling MTV for film marketing, music promotions, home video, live events and other related activities.

Navin Shah, CEO, P9 Integrated, said, “The entertainment market is a huge market and we are happy to represent MTV Network in this space. The account is a substantial one and we will represent MTV, VH1 and Nickelodeon. We are giving MTV an extended marketing strength.”

With the first weekend of a movie becoming the most crucial factor in determining its fate, marketers have become very conscious of marketing their movies in the right way.

“To a product called film, there are some channels which add to the visibility of the move and there are some which actually influence opinions. The electronic medium is one of them, and MTV is an opinion leader as it is does not just add to the visibility but also forms positive outlook. We think that the state at which the film industry is today, channels like these will be more strong media and marketing avenues to help the product take off and we intend to help the films do just that,” asserted Shah.

He further said that the reason that nearly 95 per cent of the films never took off was not because they were bad product, but because of bad marketing.

He added, “We inject a positive word of mouth. This MTV deal is the first for us as an exclusive deal and that will precisely be the way for us. There are positive happenings in the film industry today as Bollywood has in the last five years spent about 12-14 per cent of the project cost on marketing the films, and we expect this figure to reach 20 per cent this year. We are very bullish and are focusing very clearly on marriage of brands with the entertainment industry.”

P9 wants to create something called the Entertainment AOR and has set a target for itself to be working with 20 top marketers by the end of 2006. This includes placing a product to actually making a three-hour feature film for the brand. “As the market leader, our task is not just to increase our market share, but to create new market as well,” Shah said.

The current base of the entertainment marketing industry is estimated to be Rs 200 crore and the expenditure to market entertainment properties is growing steadily at 30 per cent y-o-y. P9 estimates that in the next five years this market will grow to Rs 2,000 crore.

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