MTV launches career-based reality show ‘MTV on the Job’

MTV launches career-based reality show ‘MTV on the Job’

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Wednesday, May 16,2007 9:17 AM

MTV launches career-based reality show ‘MTV on the Job’

MTV has announced a new show in the reality genre that is based on careers. The show, ‘MTV on the Job’, premieres on May 19 in the 7 pm time slot. The show will air for 13 weeks featuring different off-centre careers such as RJing, DJing, styling, chef, bartending, choreography, etc.

The show will be judged by a panel of three judges, consisting of a veteran from the chosen career of the week. Bharat Dabholkar will play the taskmaster every week and VJ Nikhil will host the show.

Ashish Patil, Vice President-Content and Creative, and General Manager, MTV India, said, “Our vision is really to be the number one youth community hangout that leads and reflects youth passion across platforms through entertainment. Youth passion stretches way beyond just music. This is the reason that not just this year, but consistently since the last couple of years, we have always been doing stuff that fits in connection with key youth passion.”

As per Patil, the market today is more competitive with regards to career. Most of the youth pursue career in different and alternate areas. Patil said, “In the show, every contestant will be given a task in terms of the opted career line. The winner of the show will get an internship in the organisation that the contestant has been interested in that particular line.”

The media in which the show would be promoted are print, television and radio. The channel will also take a digital route on the MTV website.

Patil added, “Why take the stairs when you can take the lift! ‘On the Job’ is the MTV elevator to the top. On this show, MTV showcases the smartest, quickest and most fun way to show you what career opportunities are out there, how to choose your career, get into it and stay in it.”

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