MTV and Music: It’s more than just this

MTV and Music: It’s more than just this

Author | Minita Kumar | Thursday, Jul 25,2002 8:55 AM

MTV and Music: It’s more than just this

MTV has gone a little further from just music and wacky vignettes and has made a foray into lifestyle programs, reality shows and so on.

The lifestyle show to be aired soon on MTV is Soul to Soul. This daily show would talk of chakra cleansing, breathing techniques, fighting depression, combating pimples and so on and would be hosted by MTV's 'travel guide' and 'soul seeker' Shenaz Treasurywallah and presented by Pantene.

Comments Natasha Malhotra, VP-Programming, MTV India, "In an era where the 'Indian Youth' is balancing consumerism and their spiritual roots, MTV Soul To Soul presents a glimpse into an alternate lifestyle. This first of its kind show travels across the country to provide a holistic approach to mind body and soul rejuvenation dosed with some soul stirring music.

Another new show, airing on MTV presently is 'The Osbournes'- a new format reality show. The Osbournes, which are a family of four, includes the famous rock star Ozzy Osbourne, who has deliberately and carefully cultivated an image of a satanist, a devil worshipper and mad man for himself. The show captures the personal lives of the rock star and his family.

Says Malhotra, "It is being increasingly seen that the audience has a taste for programming that revolves around celebrities. Reality TV is an exciting format and The Osbournes, the biggest media event in television bringing the highest ratings for MTV US and becoming an original first of its kind television format. MTV India programming balances a local desi cool while providing a window to the West. Telecasting the Osbournes is about giving the Indian youth an opportunity to see and enjoy one of the most successful television shows to be produced this year."

The Osbournes is just an experiment with the Indian audience. Whether an Indian version of the same would work or not remains yet to be seen. Comments Malhotra, "A reality TV show around a celebrity could definitely make for great viewing- just imagine a reality show around the goings on in the Lalloo household -sure to bring in the ratings! However, in India, most of our celebrities (because we are a media shy country) would be uncomfortable baring their lives and souls on TV. The format would be very exciting provided one chooses an interesting, colorful family who would capture the imagination of our audiences."

Apart from the above, MTV also promises quite a few exciting programs in the near future. The verdict on MTV's foray into different programming is eagerly awaited.

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