MTV ‘Roadies 5.0’ goes international this season

MTV ‘Roadies 5.0’ goes international this season

Author | Tasneem Limbdiwala | Thursday, Oct 04,2007 8:15 AM

MTV ‘Roadies 5.0’ goes international this season

MTV’s reality show ‘Roadies’ plans to go international in its fifth season. As the channel revamps itself and goes the tech-savvy way, it plans to give its most popular show a very digital and sleek look, and has named the show ‘Roadies 5.0’.

Speaking on the initiative of going international, Ashish Patil, VP-Creative and Content, and GM, MTV India, commented that ‘Roadies’ is full of adventure and has got recognition all over India. He said, “At ‘Roadies’, we have covered every corner of India. You name the place and we have gone there. Now it is all the more exciting, as we are going international in our fifth season.”

Patil further said, “This year, our main focus would be to scale up the action. The very fact that we are going international implies that the new geography will be accompanied by new cuisines, people, challenges and new tasks.”

Patil explained that half the journey of ‘Roadies 5.0’ would be in India. The journey this year will be covered in the terrains of India, Thailand and Malaysia. The journey would kick off from Goa, and will proceed on to Chennai. From there on, the Roadies will head off to Bangkok, with the journey ending in Malaysia.

Patil informed that there are no plans of having any non-Indian participation this year. Even though MTV is aired in Pakistan, there are no such plans to have Pakistani participants included. He said, “We will be adapting the task to the new locations and the local culture. So it is going to be a whole bunch of drama, fun and adventure.”

Talking on the new elements of ‘Roadies 5.0’, Patil said, “What is different this year is that the game has become bigger and now goes international. The whole game has been given a different and sleek look. One viewing the show would feel as though he is a part of that game.”

On the promotional and the marketing campaign, Patil said that the creatives have been given the ‘Lord of the Rings’ look. He said, “We will conduct auditions in five cities. We will have our promotions on radio with Red FM as our radio partner; IBN7 is our media partner and Airtel, our telecom partner.”

On the expectations from this edition, Patil commented, “This season, there will be no surprises, but shocks. The whole show will be twisted and the philosophy that says ‘life is unfair’ will be turned and we will play it fair to win game. So this time, we expect tremendous response and my fingers are crossed.”

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