MTV’s virtual move for ‘MTV Chat House’

MTV’s virtual move for ‘MTV Chat House’

Author | Suraj Ramnath | Wednesday, Dec 07,2011 9:09 AM

MTV’s virtual move for ‘MTV Chat House’

After shows like ‘Roadies’, ‘Splitsvilla’, ‘Crunch’, etc, MTV India now looks to blur the boundaries between the virtual world and the real world with new show ‘MTV Chat House’, which is aired every Sunday and Thursday at 7 pm.

‘MTV Chat House’ has three ‘Chat Masters’ who will live for 60 days in a mansion in Israel, which designed like an online chat room, with a chat lobby, private rooms, and a huge wall of chat-screens. They will be completely out of touch with the outside world, and the only people they will be allowed to communicate with will be 12 participants living in separate, isolated rooms. They won’t be able see the participants as they really look, but only their screen avatars. The goal of the chat masters is to collect the most friends into their private rooms and the one with the maximum number of friends will be declared the winner at the end of the season.

Commenting on the launch and strategy of the show, Aditya Swamy, EVP and Business Head – MTV India, said, “Transmedia storytelling is the only way to engage this wired generation. We experimented with ‘Crunch’ and now we doing it again with ‘Chat House’. Integrating three screens seamlessly will give viewers the window to connect with the show wherever, whenever. With ‘MTV Chat House’, we are turning the fundamentals of reality shows on its head. It is inclusion instead of elimination. Cause today, if you don’t have friends, you are nobody.”

Elaborating on the marketing strategies for the show, Swamy said, “We have done a complete 360-degree marketing strategy for the show, targeting television, OOH, radio, digital platforms and even theaters, where the ads would run during the movie ‘Dirty Picture’.”

Speaking further on the new shows and MTV’s focus for the New Year, Swamy said, “We are launching ‘Roadies Season 9’ on January 7, 2012. MTV’s focus for the New Year involves doing more shows for young people.”

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