Mr & Miss Bollywood reaches final stage, Sahara-Percept plan annual hunt

Mr & Miss Bollywood reaches final stage, Sahara-Percept plan annual hunt

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Friday, Aug 06,2004 8:05 AM

Mr & Miss Bollywood reaches final stage, Sahara-Percept plan annual hunt

Sahara and Percept’s ‘Mr and Miss Bollywood’ has reached its final stage. Auditions of the final 74 contestants are over and the judging processes to zero in on the 30 winners will soon begin leading the hunt to completion in October 2004. Officials involved with the venture, explain that such hunts are now going to be an annual affair – the next is slated to begin in December 2004.

Sahara’s talent hunt began in October 2003. Following the processes of auditions and short-listing, the talent hunt has moved from 1,000-odd people from all India to the current set of 74. Over the last three days, these participants auditioned and the same is captured. The judges will now review these tapes and come down to 30 finalists – six of them would be heading for movie-breaks and the rests for small screen.

The final judging is slated between August 9 to 11 and the winners would be declared on August 13. The winners would be brought to Mumbai for a three-week training. In the next round of tests and selections, the winners would be divided into six and 24. Speaking more on this, Sanjay Lal, President, Percept D’ Mark, informs, “We will make short films with all the 30. From the six who would move towards the big screen, the winner and the runner-up will be assigned lead roles in a movie.”

All groundwork for the movie is already in place. Even the television serial, which will employ the 24, is in place. “We are doing a very serious business here where we know that these endeavours will pay off for the industry at large and for our ventures with films and television as well,” says Lal.

Both Sahara and Percept reiterate time and again that the prime objective of this initiative is not to produce an entertainment property for television but to build a talent pool. Nonetheless, the auditions that have just culminated to the judging process to divide the 30 into six and 24, will be aired on the channel. “This too is more like a promotion of the activity and in the course, this will pull some eyeballs on the channel as well,” says Satish Menon, President, Sales and Marketing, Sahara Manoranjan.

Evidently, the sole purpose of this endeavour is to give the channel and Percept D’ Mark its own talent pool. Officials explain that while they are sure that December for them means another hunt of this nature, they still have to decide on what this hunt would be about.”

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