More India matches give a leg-up to Micromax Cup: Media planners

More India matches give a leg-up to Micromax Cup: Media planners

Author | Shikha | Tuesday, Sep 07,2010 8:02 AM

More India matches give a leg-up to Micromax Cup: Media planners

India lost out to Sri Lanka in the finals of the Micromax Cup, but the series recorded an average TVR of 2.27, much better than the average TVR of 1.7 garnered by the Asia Cup, which was held in June 2010 and was won by India.

Commenting on the difference in the ratings, Jai Lala, Principal Partner, Mindshare Exchange, told exchange4media, “This time the numbers are definitely better as there were more matches that India played. Secondly, Asia Cup had teams like Bangladesh, which attract less viewership.”

Another reason for the better ratings, according to Lala, was the channel on which the matches were aired. He noted, “This time the matches were aired on Ten Sports, which has a better distribution network than Neo Sports, which had aired the Asia Cup.”

Along with Ten Sports, the matches involving India were also aired on DD1. The first match, played between India and New Zealand, got a rating of 1.89, C&S 4+ all India. The second match between Sri Lanka and New Zealand recorded a TVR of 0.61. The third match, which again featured India, this time against Sri Lanka, got a rating of 2.81, while the fourth match between Sri Lanka and New Zealand saw a drop in rating to 0.59. The fifth match between India and Sri Lanka and the sixth match between India and New Zealand managed to get ratings of 2.34 and 3.71, respectively. The final between India and Sri Lanka recorded an impressive rating of 4.50, which was way above the average.

Surbhi C Moorthy, Deputy General Manager, Allied Media, noted, “The numbers are good enough and better this time as there wasn’t much happening in the movie space, there were no good reality shows nor much political hue and cry. I expected the series to have such numbers. People have put in money for it and it is value for money. Cricket is an established property. The numbers are alright. It is not an expensive property, thus it is good for investments.”

The matches where India didn’t play recorded TVRs as low as 0.59. Commenting on this, Moorthy said, “The primary reason India matches record higher TVRs is because when India plays, it generates more curiosity and attention and more number of people watch it. It is something that binds everyone together, it is like a religion and is the strongest demographic thread that binds the country.”

Sushma Jhaveri, Senior VP, Carat Media, India, believed that given the cost of buying cricket, any number was good enough. She said, “The more number of matches India played would have helped deliver better ratings, but the channel on which it was aired doesn’t make much of a difference.”

Lala further said that the key players not playing was the main reason for the not-so-great TVRs. He observed, “The numbers could have been better, but they are based on India’s performance. Also, players like Sachin, Gambhir and Zaheer Khan didn’t play, who attract viewers. It definitely helped this time that India was playing more number of matches than last time.”

It is but obvious that the more the number of matches that India plays, better are the ratings. This is what worked out in favour of the Micromax Cup vis-a-vis the Asia Cup, which lost out in the ratings despite Dhoni’s boys lifting the Cup.

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