Miilee's launch episode delivers good numbers

Miilee's launch episode delivers good numbers

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Apr 19,2005 7:36 AM

Miilee's launch episode delivers good numbers

The first numbers for 'Miilee', the latest 9.00 pm offering from Star Plus, have arrived. The launch episode has delivered a 10 plus, which is second only to 'Kkavyanjali's launch numbers. Also, the consequent decision to place 'Saara Aakash' in the Friday slot has paid off for the channel.

Looking at the numbers, TAM Media Research shows that for the TG C&S 4+, in the Hindi speaking markets, the show opened to a 10.7, moving to a 8.66, 8.87 and finally coming to a 9.11 on the Thursday episode. On the face of it, even if the fact that the Wednesday episode had to brave cricket was considered, it would be difficult to say that the new show has done well if these numbers were compared with what the various weeklies were throwing in the slot.

In the preceding week, all the 9.00 pm shows are well above the 10 plus mark and most of them have been so for a while. Giving a further insight on why the channel still sees the new shows ratings as positive, Deepak Segal, EVP, Content and Communication, STAR India says, "The weeklies were nearing the climax and hence at their peak story lines in the past few weeks. 'Miilee' is a new story. Also, the challenge was to appeal to the four sets of audiences that the weeklies delivered. The fact that the audience has returned after the first episode and increased subsequently in the latter three episodes is very encouraging."

He explains that this number will steadily grow as the first climax of the story approaches. Another aspect that STAR is excited about is that with the coming of the new show, while three of the four weeklies have been presently taken off-air, 'Saara Aakash' is moved to Friday, replacing 'Khullja Sim Sim'. The show has delivered a 5 plus for the channel here. "It has rendered a double benefit. Friday viewership is still in an area of experiment and 'Saara Aakash' has done well. Even 'Kal Chakra' has increased in the week," said Segal.

Coming back to 'Miilee', the show has made as much noise as 'Kkavyanjali' did before its launch and still achieved 3 points lesser than the latter. Sharing more on how the channel opines on this, Ajay Vidyasagar, Head, Marketing, STAR India, said, "With 'Kkavyanjali', we had redefined marketing success for any show. However, that in no ways belittles what 'Miilee' has achieved. Which other show barring 'Kkavyanjali' has given numbers even close to these."

According to him, the decision to pull out four big shows and bring in one replacement raised the concerning question of whether the show can deliver similar numbers, "The whole marketing effort was geared to introduce the characters and by the time of the launch, there was no doubt in the people's mind about what to expect from the story. This has helped us retain a successful slot, which is encouraging."

'Kkusum' last week has delivered a 2 plus for the channel, moving to a 3 plus on Wednesday and Thursday, which is not very different from what the show has been delivering so far, indicating that the new property didn't eat into the show. However, Balaji Creative Director Ektaa Kapoor wouldn't be very excited with these numbers. There is definitely a lot more action coming in this slot.

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