Miditech does an Indian ‘Extreme Makeover’ on Sony Entertainment Channel

Miditech does an Indian ‘Extreme Makeover’ on Sony Entertainment Channel

Author | exchange4media News Service | Saturday, May 03,2008 8:03 AM

Miditech does an Indian ‘Extreme Makeover’ on Sony Entertainment Channel

Miditech has taken up the mantle of playing Fairy Godmother to some select people through its new show ‘Naye Roop Nai Zindagi’, which premiered on Sony Entertainment Channel from May 1. Presented by Mona ‘Jassi’ Singh, the life transforming reality show is an Indian version of the immensely popular international show ‘Extreme Makeover’.

Commenting on the new show, Niret Alva, Chief Creative Officer, Miditech Pvt Ltd, said, “‘Naye Roop Nai Zindagi’ is perhaps the most intensive show we have ever done. Over two years in the making for 10 episodes, each story is not just about the skin deep transformation, but a completely new chance at life. From styling to fitness and counseling to dream fulfillment, ‘Naye Roop, Nai Zindagi’ has it all. Ordinary people, through the medium of TV meet extraordinary experts, who work with them to help participants reach their full physical and emotional potential. Through this extraordinary journey of transformation, some contestants got their much awaited job, or got married to the desired person, thus giving them a medium to fulfill their dreams.”

More than just a reality show, ‘Naye Roop Nai Zindagi’ attempts to make dreams come true and tell a true Cinderella story. Under the guidance of India’s best medical and style gurus, 13 chosen candidates would be transformed to an unbelievable extent, showing the viewers the gradual process of change as each person’s life story is revealed.

Based on the popular ‘Extreme Makeover’ format, owned by the ABC Network, USA, candidates chosen would undergo facial correction surgeries – both reconstructive and cosmetic, dental and eye surgeries combined with fitness, diet and styling. The candidates selected would require a recovery time of three months. After selection and during recovery, candidates are not allowed to meet their family as the show requires their final reveal and transformation to be a complete surprise to family and friends.

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