MIB holds talks with MSOs to iron out various issues

MIB holds talks with MSOs to iron out various issues

Author | Abid Hasan | Friday, Jul 25,2014 9:17 AM

MIB holds talks with MSOs to iron out various issues

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting organised its ninth open house meeting with prominent Multi System Operators (MSOs) in the country to discuss various issues.

While the first open house meeting saw representatives of eight MSOs and a prospective applicant in attendance, the ninth meeting saw the participation of 12 leading MSOs. Some of the leading operators present at the meeting included Damoh Cable Network, Indiverse Broadband, and Maharaja Telesystem, among others.

Among the key issues discussed was the issue of getting security clearance from the Ministry of Home Affairs. The MIB requested MSOs to provide all necessary details in their respective cases.

Sandeep Yadav of Microscan Entertainment was one of the participants at the meeting. His case came up for discussion, wherein he was informed that his case for grant of regular MSO registration is under submission as the requisite security clearance from MHA has been received. 

Sayyed Mohiduddin of S Digital & Datacom Service, Hyderabad wanted to know the status of his application. He was informed that security clearance from MHA is still awaited and the case will be processed on receipt of the same. Some clarification was sought from the firm on April 15, 2014 and the firm was asked to furnish the same. Mohiduddin was also asked to provide the details of net-worth position of his company.

The Government has asked different MSOs to provide details of the Board of the Directors as per the new format devised by MHA. MIB informed the operators that they are required to provide details regarding the areas proposed to be covered by them.


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