Media in the next ten years will be much stronger than imagined: Subhash Chandra

Media in the next ten years will be much stronger than imagined: Subhash Chandra

Author | Collin Furtado | Monday, Jan 05,2015 8:16 AM

Media in the next ten years will be much stronger than imagined: Subhash Chandra

In a special episode of Dr Subhash Chandra Show, Chandra, Chairman, ZEEL & Essel Group addressed a group of entrepreneurs. In this special episode for entrepreneurs, which was held at Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research, Chandra provided his expertise on issues and challenges that entrepreneurs face.

Speaking to media about the reasons for inception of the show and his experiences hosting the show, he said that there was a desire to give back something to society and to not only share his experiences as an entrepreneur with the youth but also to try to answer whatever questions that they had. “If this benefits even 5% of them then I would feel that my job is done. I am learning on the contrary. My experience has been that this is a two way process of learning, I am learning from them and they may be learning from me,” he said. He further added, “Times have changed and now there are lot of angel investors, at my time there was nothing of that kind. Now we are putting them together with the angel investors and venture capitalists. We help them when they come out with good ideas.”

On the media sector Chandra said, “Media has become very strong and in the next 10 years it will be much stronger than imagined. But if I knew media would become such a monster in the near feature I wouldn’t have started at all”. He further added, “We have not yet even touched the surface. The monopoly which was there of the publishers will all come to an end.”

Chandra further spoke on of the main challenges for entrepreneurs in India being corruption. “Corruption is the main problem these days. The system is not at all clean and because of this we have started believing that even innocent, hardworking and sincere employees are corrupt,” he said. He further added, “As the economy expands I think there would be new challenges but today one can see if we can somehow tackle the corruption as an issue a lot can be achieved, as a lot of small and medium business people are going away from the country which we are not realizing. They are leaving because they say they can’t do business here (due to the corruption). So that is the paradox.”

Chandra said that as the economy keeps expanding a few sectors need to be opened up to the private sector. “There are a few sectors which are still reserved for public sector and out of reach of the private sector and cases where these things are considered as non-profit activities which are like research and development in the field of defense, agriculture and various other fields, private sector participation is not there.”

He finally ended with a note on what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur by saying, “You have to have conviction and then go for it. I only believe that failure is only when you accept it otherwise there is not failure. Learn from your failure, it teaches you better and faster than success teaches you.”
This special episode on entrepreneurship will air in two parts. The first part will air on the Zee Media channels on Saturday, January 17, 2015 and the second part will air on Saturday, January 24, 2015.  The show is aired every Saturday at 10pm on Zee News and 7pm on Zee Business and on Sunday at 11am on both Zee News and Zee Business. The show is also aired on other channels of Zee Media. 

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