Malayalam Communications launches new youth channel ‘WE’

Malayalam Communications launches new youth channel ‘WE’

Author | Judy Franko | Wednesday, Apr 18,2007 9:25 AM

Malayalam Communications launches new youth channel ‘WE’

Malayalam Communications Limited has launched its third channel christened ‘WE’ at Cochin on April 15. Dedicated to the youth of Kerala, the channel would encompass music, dance, theatre, fashion shows, glamour, lifestyle and travel, fusion and several other programmes. It would also have professional information programmes like scope of employment in the film sector. The channel also intends to provide good coverage to the activities of students in the campus. Malayalam Communications Limited had earlier launched People TV and Kairali TV.

Elaborating the purpose of launching the youth channel, John Brittas, Managing Director, Malayalam Communications, said, “WE is a youth channel focussing on the youth. Kerala has got a vibrant youth community and approximately 65 to 70 per cent of the population is below the age of 35. Since it is the era of diversification, one entertainment channel would not suffice to cater to different sections of the population. Taking that into consideration, we have launched WE.”

Further explaining about the positioning of the channel, Brittas said, “We want to grow younger. That is why after Kairali TV, we launched People TV, which is a news and infotainment channel, and now we have launched WE, which is a youth channel. For the last seven years, we have been growing younger. The launch of WE is the culmination of growing younger.”

Brittas added that since WE is a youth channel, more emphasis would be given to youth-centric programmes that would be interesting to today’s youth. He said, “The Malayalam film industry used to find talent from schools, and now the movie talents are recruited from the studios of Kairali. Kairali has been a great platform for finding talent since its launch seven year ago. There are more than a dozen people who have made into films as actors, singers, etc. So we intend to spread this ‘so-called’ platform in a different way and dedicate the channel to the youth of Kerala.”

When asked whether Kairali was planning to launch any niche channel, Brittas said, “There is no full stop as far as the growth of Kairali is concerned.”

During the launch function, actor Mammootty, Chairman, Malayalam Communications, said, “The new channel would be an inspiration and light into the life of our youth. I have a dream which needs to be shared with the dream of today’s youth, and WE would be the platform to share the dreams of the youth and to make them come true.”

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