Low ratings or not, expectations still high for Airtel Champions League T20

Low ratings or not, expectations still high for Airtel Champions League T20

Author | Robin Thomas | Friday, Oct 16,2009 8:34 AM

Low ratings or not, expectations still high for Airtel Champions League T20

The TAM Media Research ratings for the first five matches played of the Airtel Champions League T20 2009 show an average TVR of a mere 1.16 for all the matches played. According to the ratings, every match that the IPL teams have played has scored higher than the other matches, nevertheless they are still said to be lower than that seen in the Indian Premier League 2009 for these teams. So, what is it that is not working for Champions League T20? Are the ratings as per expectations? Are they expected to increase? exchange4media speaks with some media planners to get their views on the not too encouraging numbers for Champions League T20.

Rajneesh Chaturvedi, National Director, MEC Access, said, “T20 as a format has been accepted by the audiences as well as the advertisers, what has not worked in favour of the Champions League T20 until now is the audience’s association with the tournament, because most of the audiences are yet to relate with the non-India clubs, thus there seems to be a lack of loyalty and the non-Indian clubs are not known names, and probably these are some of the reasons that the ratings are not so good.”

“Ideally, the ratings should increase, and after the first week people would understand what are the kind of teams and their names, but let’s not hope for something really dramatic,” he added.

Venkata Subramanian, VP, Lintas Media Group, noted, “The ratings are certainly not as per expectations, nevertheless what has not worked, I believe, is probably the fact that audiences are not very aware of the teams or the players of the non-IPL teams and neither has the novelty factor seemed to have worked for the Champions League T20, at least so far. We believe the ratings will go up as the tournament progresses, for one reason because both Delhi Daredevils and Royal Challengers Bangalore are still playing and will play more matches now and hence, the expectations are still high.”

According to Kunal Jamuar, GM, Madison Media, “Though the matches are happening in India, the biggest problem I believe is that the non-IPL teams are not known entities in India, which, therefore, leads to a lack of interest to some extent. The other problem I feel is that the more matches that happen at 4 pm or the non-prime time period, the lesser would be the ratings, nevertheless, this tournament is somewhat lacking the luster of an IPL. Therefore, I believe it is the combination of these two factors that have not resulted in good ratings for the tournament – that is timing of the matches and the quality of the teams playing.”

Jamuar further said, “I believe that as the tournament progresses, there will be more interest and the ratings could see an increase. Nevertheless, except for the semi-finals and the finals, I doubt the tournament will generate high ratings, and if the two IPL teams are knocked out, I doubt the ratings would increase.”

While T20 as a format is highly acceptable by both the audience and the advertisers, the latest TAM ratings for the first five matches played in the Airtel Champions League T20 has certainly disappointed everyone. One of the reasons cited by media planners for the poor ratings is the lack of awareness of the both the non-IPL teams and their players. Nevertheless, expectations from media planners are still high. However, it also depends on the IPL teams’ performance and if they are able to make it to the finals.

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