Khusboo hosts another game show. Jaya TV hits Jackpot

Khusboo hosts another game show. Jaya TV hits Jackpot

Author | Roopa Sarah Thomas | Tuesday, Sep 17,2002 7:03 AM

Khusboo hosts another game show. Jaya TV hits Jackpot

With popular game show 'Koteeswari' coming to an end, Jaya TV launched their new game show 'Jackpot' on the September 15. Hosted by actress Khusboo yet again, this game show is loosely based on Star TV's 'MasterCard Family Fortune'.

According to K.Balaswaminathan, GM-Marketing, Jaya TV, "While Koteeswari was popular with the women, with Jackpot we will targeting the entire family. This is more of a family show".

With 'Jackpot', Jaya TV also hopes to enjoy the popularity enjoyed by its predecessor. Also, with most channels trying to woo Khusboo, Jaya TV has done well in succeeding to continue her tenure with the channel.

Balaswaminathan also revealed that Jaya TV would also be airing a much-awaited serial by actor & director Visu "Nalaavidhu Mudichu", tonight. Explained Balaswaminathan, " During the tying of the thaali you make three knots. The title of this new soap refers to the fourth knot".

The channel that doesn't air too many film-based programs has gained recently since many of their programs began featuring better on TVR charts. Fighting for the second slot with major competitor Star Vijay, Jaya TV's popular shows are comedy serial 'Veetiku Veet Lotti' and daily soap 'Anni'. The channel that believes in providing audiences with more variety also has a bharatnatyam show hosted by actress Shobana, another game show 'Kasa Mela' and 'Emergency', a reality show where the camera crew follows accident victims from the accident spot to the Emergency room.

Otherwise Jaya TV also has an interactive game show, where viewers are shown a murder for half an hour. The next half an hour is devoted to viewers who can call in, and give their opinions on who the murderer is.

The channel also expects the turnover to be double of what it was the previous year. According to Balaswaminathan, "We are targeting a growth of 150%". He also added that the channel had every right to be optimistic, as they had grown quickly since their launch four years ago.

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