KBC to make a comeback; Star Plus to make million(aire)s again

KBC to make a comeback; Star Plus to make million(aire)s again

Author | exchange4media News Service | Monday, Jan 01,1900 7:25 AM

KBC to make a comeback; Star Plus to make million(aire)s again

The need was growing and the timing couldn’t have been more critical. After the biggest game show on Indian TV made an exit few months’ back, Star Plus has decided its time to bring it back. The exact dates and timings are yet to be decided though. Not many details are forth coming from Star officials but media observers say this could happen soon. According to Yash Khanna, Sr. VP Star Group, “KBC will be back on air sometime later this year, but details etc have not been firmed up as of now.”

The move, industry sources say, could have been prompted due to the recent not-so-spectacular performance of the shows launched by Star Plus during the 9-10 band to replace KBC. Sony’s good performance in this time band has further compounded the problems for the leader.

According industry analysts, close to 70% of the advertising money flows into the Prime Time band (7-11 p.m.). Out of this, the most crucial band is 9-10 p.m., which according to some estimates accounts for half of the money spent during prime time. KBC, when it went off air was still generating healthy TRPs, much higher in some cases than the recently launched shows. With the lack of strong programming by Star, during the time band, Sony on its part took full advantage of the opportunity and has managed to come neck and neck to Star, where it was a distant second just a few months back.

To be fair to the leader, Star had originally announced while taking KBC off air in January this year that it was a temporary break and was done keeping in mind the fatigue factor. The come back was planned to be after 6 months but going by the recent developments it seems that Star Plus might just decide to prepone the relaunch.

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