KBC-SRK: A 13-week story of highs and lows

KBC-SRK: A 13-week story of highs and lows

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Apr 30,2007 9:14 AM

KBC-SRK: A 13-week story of highs and lows

KBC-SRK has completed it first season. As is known, STAR India revamped KBC to a large extent in its third year on the channel with a new host, new colours and a new approach. However, even as the catchphrase moved from ‘Lock kiya jaye’ to ‘Freeze kiya jaye’, the format of the show did not change, and media experts today have a divided view on whether this is working in favour of the property or against it.

In terms of ratings, TAM Media Research data for the CC&S 4+ in the Hindi-speaking markets show that the launch week averaged at a rating of 9.84. Following this, the next three weeks also saw KBC-SRK at the high end of the ratings spectrum, with 9.06, 8.31 and 8.59 weekly average ratings.

At that point in time, many media experts like Starcom’s Manish Porwal and Carat’s Manoj Malkani were clear that anything between 8 to 10 TRP mark in the new TAM panel are good numbers. However, the next three weeks took KBC down to 7 plus weekly average numbers; the seventh week of the KBC-SRK journey delivering 7.01.

Some media experts like MindShare Fulcrum’s Amol Dighe had said that KBC-SRK would be a mix of good and bad, where the show had to be injected with significant specials that would bring in the extra rating. In fact, specials have delivered for KBC-SRK. The channel has designed most of the specials in two-hour formats including the finale, and most of these have rated 7 plus.

If the ratings story is seen from the eighth week onwards, the weekly average numbers come down to 5.53, 4.72, 6.19, 5.12 and 4.56 in the subsequent weeks, and 4.92 in the finale week.

If one wonders whether the numbers are as per industry expectations, then they are definitely lower than what many said they were looking at. At the same time, as Lodestar’s Media’s Nandini Dias had once said, “The show continues to be in the top shows. Even in the last weeks, the ratings are on the really low side, but there are episodes that still rate in the top episodes on television today.”

One section of the media industry is happy. Voicing such views, Divya Radhakrishnan, Vice President, TME, said, “The finale has rated almost an 8. That is a very high number for a property on television.”

She also pointed out that KBC-SRK has managed to give STAR a strong window for two shows and the competition that Zee TV was posing has also been addressed.

Ajit Varghese, MD, Maxus India, presents a different opinion. He believes that KBC-SRK has definitely been below expectations. However, he is quick to add, “An average rating of almost 7 for the show is not bad for STAR. However, the problem really is in the efficiencies on the show. Is the money paid justified for the ratings seen?”

He thinks the big problem with the show is really the format that has now stagnated.

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