KBC-SRK Week 3: Numbers drop some more

KBC-SRK Week 3: Numbers drop some more

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Feb 20,2007 7:44 AM

KBC-SRK Week 3: Numbers drop some more

The third week’s number for KBC-SRK is out. The week began with a TRP of 8.59, moved to 8.41, 7.56 and finally to 8.67 on Thursday.

Where the average of the opening week was 9.85, the second week average was 9.05 and the latest week is at 8.33. Even as the drop is not as drastic as was seen in KBC–2, ratings have dropped marginally for the show. Media professionals have so far been quoting the 8 to 10 TRP mark as the expectations from the show, which places the third week’s number on the lower side of expectations.

Speaking on the numbers, Amol Dighe, Trading Services Director, MindShare Fulcrum, said, “A rating of 8 in the new panel is not bad – it is in fact good. However, it has to be seen in context to the money spent on the show. That said, this really was expected --- if you look at all seasons of KBC, right from the first season, which was a big bit, this kind of a game show tends to pick up strongly, then drop and then have the occasional spikes with specials and then drop again. The channel and the advertisers would have factored this fall anyways.”

While Dighe feels that KBC has always opened with a bang and then not managed to sustain the ratings for a long period, Ajit Varghese, MD, Maxus is of the opinion that even as the marginal decline was expected every week, this is bad news for the channel.

Dighe said, “Advertisers would look for lower rates with such ratings. There is a gradual decrease now and the ratings would go lower with fatigue setting in. The channel will not be able to hold on to the rates. An 8 in the new panel is not a bad rating but as long as the channel can justify the rates.”

Experts feel that advertisers who can also encash on the promotions of the show don’t have a very bad deal yet and the forthcoming weeks become more critical for the show.

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