KBC-SRK and STAR: Life after six weeks

KBC-SRK and STAR: Life after six weeks

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Monday, Mar 12,2007 9:59 AM

KBC-SRK and STAR: Life after six weeks

It is not that media experts didn’t caution that this was likely to happen, but KBC-SRK numbers have dipped in its fifth and sixth weeks. Even as the special in week 6 has rated a 9 plus, the other episodes have come below the 7 TRP mark. TAM Media Research shows that for the C&S 4+ in the Hindi speaking markets, on February 19, the rating was 7.07. This came down to 6.93 on February 20. On February 21, it was 7.59 and on February 22, it was 7.42.

Then on February 26, the number came at 6.66 and moved to 6.96 in the following episode. The ratings went up to 7.18 on February 28 and then further up to 9.74 in the Holi episode on March 1.

Media experts have repeatedly stated that it was the 8-12 bracket that they had been expecting from the show. The average ratings of the last two weeks have been 7.5 and 7.6, which really don’t seem to be in favour of the show.

The wave pattern has set in KBC-SRK numbers, wherein alternate weeks seem to give good reasons for STAR to worry. Week 3 saw the ratings between 7 and 8 TRPs, but week 4 has some good news with ratings back in the 8-10 TRP mark. Week 5 again caused concern, while the Holi numbers in week 6 just about saved the week.

As for STAR Plus, the coming of KBC-SRK was good news with the share of the channel moving closer to 30 from the 20-plus percentage it was on. The first four weeks of KBC-SRK kept STAR closer to that mark. However, the last two weeks have slipped down to around 25-plus. Zee TV has regained the numbers that it lost in the launch week of KBC-SRK.

For the record, the launch week fared between 10 and 12 for the show, 12 being the opening TRP. The second week was in the 8-10 region and media experts offered that even in that, KBC-SRK was still within the expectations bracket. Nonetheless, it still might not be wise to write off KBC-SRK, because both STAR India and SRK are two contestants who usually have sure-shot plans.

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