Jaya Plus promises much more than just news

Jaya Plus promises much more than just news

Author | Judy Franko | Saturday, May 31,2008 8:35 AM

Jaya Plus promises much more than just news

Jaya Plus, the 24-hour news channel from Jaya TV, is gearing up for a formal launch. The channel’s soft launch took place on December 6, 2007. Along with Jaya Plus, the Group has also launched a music channel, Jaya Max, to strengthen its bouquet of offering and put up some fight for a share of Tamil viewership.

“We are still working on various aspects of the Jaya Plus, which has been primarily started as a news channel. Apart from news, the channel will have current affairs, talk shows, political interviews and debates on fiscal issue,” informed KP Sunil, Vice-President, News, Jaya TV.

Jaya Plus should have been on air three years ago, but its launch was delayed due to various reasons. “The channel did not take off as per our plans and, therefore, we have to make certain changes in order to make its outlook more contemporary and appealing, and hence the delay. However, we will formally launch the channel around June 15,” Sunil added.

When asked about the neutrality of Jaya Plus, which is backed by one of the leading political parties, Sunil countered by saying “based on what yardstick do you decide one channel is neutral and the other is not?”. No channel or newspaper was 100 per cent neutral, he added.

He further maintained, “We do not have any hidden agenda, whereas the so-called ‘neutral channels’ and ‘newspapers’ have some hidden agenda that is not known to the public. So, the so-called neutral newspapers and channels taking sides is the more dangerous phenomenon than the overtly one-sided newspaper or a channel.”

He further said that that the ‘one-sidedness’ tag was annexed to channels in Tamil Nadu with political affiliation only when it came to local political issues. Otherwise, news was the same in all the channels and there was no much of difference, he added.

According to Sunil, Jaya Plus’ overall presentation and dress code would be on par with any national news channel. Jaya Network is also planning to market the channel aggressively after the formal launch.

Jaya Plus is already available on both Hathway and the SCV (Sumangali Cable Vision) and various local cable TV operators. Among the DTH platforms, the channel is available on all platforms except Tata Sky. “Anyone who tunes in to Jay Plus will get news. In addition to news, one will get information on a variety of subjects. We would like to break the barrier that there is nothing in a Tamil news channel apart from news. We want to pack the channel with loads of information, which will make the channel a one-stop shop for information,” Sunil asserted.

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