Janmat TV on revamping spree; to switch to 24-hour ‘live’ news mode

Janmat TV on revamping spree; to switch to 24-hour ‘live’ news mode

Author | Abhijeet Mukherjee | Thursday, Jul 12,2007 8:59 AM

Janmat TV on revamping spree; to switch to 24-hour ‘live’ news mode

Janmat TV, the news and current affairs channel from Sri Adhikari Brothers, is on a major revamping spree and would be visible in a new avatar soon. The channel has plans to switch to ‘Live’ news mode from its ‘Programming’ mode.

The company has reportedly invested around Rs 400 million for the revamp, which includes a complete renovation of the studio, an increase in the number of outdoor broadcast (OB) vans. The company also has plans to increase the number of OB vans from the present six after every four months as and when required.

The revamp also includes installation of ‘Newsroom Automation System’, which would provide live connectivity with all the channel bureaus, a new graphic machine called ‘Vizard’, considered to be one of the best graphic machines in the world.

“We now have a frontline editorial team, the best packaging team, staff strength of over 400 people. New reporters have been recruited all over the country. This revamp is to face the new challenges ahead, wherein we would present in a futuristic manner. We are targeting not only the masses but the classes as well. While we have good content to attract the masses, we also have extremely well done packaging for the classes. All this combined would provide a classy touch to the channel,” asserted Sudhir Chaudhary, CEO and Editor, Janmat.

There would be virtual sets besides the physical sets done by well-known Bollywood set designer Nitin Desai. The colour scheme would be completely new. Even the bureaus spread across the country would be on live setup.

The channel has also roped in new faces as anchors. The company would work on the complete styling of these anchors by prominent stylists and costume designers, including well-known hair stylist Javed Habib.

The channel is not only changing technology wise but content wise as well. The channel would provide more live updates, news, and current affairs than recorded programmes. The channel would function on a tapeless system and based on a server-based technology, which is a latest technology. The channel is also expected to see one of the best-known faces from the industry in its editorial team soon.

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