Is rolling weekly ratings the way forward?

Is rolling weekly ratings the way forward?

Author | exchange4media News Service | Tuesday, Jul 23,2013 9:36 AM

Is rolling weekly ratings the way forward?

While stakeholders await the final resolution for the on-going rating impasse, meetings and calls between key industry bodies are in process towards the same. Rolling weekly ratings is one of the topics under discussion. According to industry sources, rolling weekly ratings has been proposed as a meeting point between monthly ratings and weekly ratings.

Essentially, rolling weekly ratings will include the ratings for the preceding four weeks of ratings, in addition to the current week. The aim is to provide a buffer for any spikes and provide a holistic view of reasons for changes over the weeks.

However, what remains to be seen is will media agencies and advertisers be happy to take on this proposed solution. Rolling weekly ratings again may be viewed as a step backwards as it provides answers for changes in a delayed manner. While the world is moving to daily ratings to make decisions in real-time, does taking an average soften the blow and impact that cause the changes, acting as a ‘smoothening’ agent?

Will advertisers, who are investing huge sums of money and have the full right to know the impact of their advertising on a weekly basis, settle for rolling weekly ratings? 

Nobody is a winner in the current scenario, which is unhealthy for the broadcast industry, and a final resolution in this matter has become all the more imperative.  

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