Is Jeet going the Josh way?

Is Jeet going the Josh way?

Author | Noor Fathima Warsia | Tuesday, Jan 06,2004 7:06 AM

Is Jeet going the Josh way?

Star India has a problem. ‘J’ just doesn’t seem to work for the channel. After ‘Josh’ meeting with limited success and finally bombing totally, the channel experimented with ‘J’ again when it launched the college drama ‘Jeet’. However, luck doesn’t seem to be working this time either. With the steady decrease in ratings that Jeet is garnering, it appears that ‘Jeet’ is quite going the ‘Josh’ way.

If target C&S, 4+ for the Hindi speaking market is considered, Friday 9.30pm proves to be a problem slot for Star Plus. What is interesting about Josh’s ratings in the period from June to August 1, when the show was yanked off air, was that the numbers fluctuated anywhere between 7.23 as on July 18, 2003 to 5.11 as on June 27, 2003. Even in its final episodes, it did not come below this mark, except for perhaps the 4.82 it recorded on June 6, 2003.

Post this on this slot, the channel placed their winning bet Khullja Sim Sim. The game show garnered steady 7 and 6 point figures. Hence the viewer base that Jeet opened to on October 10, 2003 was a reasonable 5.86 points. The female TG (C&S F 15+, SEC ABC) that it yielded was 6.58.

If we look at the current Jeet ratings, the picture is grim. In the period from October 10 to November 21, 2003, the ratings move between 6.1 as on October 17 to the November 11 recorded 4.78. However, in the period that follows, disaster strikes for the serial. The ratings fall to a 3.23 to 3.36 to 2.53 on December 12, 19 and 26 respectively. Way below the numbers that Josh garnered when it was taken off air.

So, what is not working for Jeet? Deepak Segal, Sr. VP, Content and Communication, Star India replies, “Audience always tell what they want. Apparently they don’t like the current gist of the story and don’t seem to be receptive to student problems. So we are going to affect change in the storyline to amend that.”

As per Segal, changes are already planned for the serial’s content and related promos will go on air in a week’s time. He explains, “We have to realign the audience there and we can do it. We did it with Kehta Hai Dil, we did it with Sanjivani, then why not Jeet?”

Perhaps one should watch out for the word ‘wrong’ in the serial then. Wrong marriage, wrong girl or just plain wrong human relationships - the staple diet in Star’s offering. But what can the channel do, after all, looks like that is what the audience want.

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