IPL4: MI vs Kochi match ranks second highest in 6 metros

IPL4: MI vs Kochi match ranks second highest in 6 metros

Author | Fatema Rajkotwala | Thursday, Apr 21,2011 9:14 AM

IPL4: MI vs Kochi match ranks second highest in 6 metros

TAM Sports data for the first 15 matches of the Indian Premier League (IPL) Season 4 has ranked the Mumbai India vs. Kochi Tuskers Kerala match, played on Friday, April 15, at 6.74 TVR in the 6-Metros market for CS4+. This makes it the second highest rated match of the league so far, the inaugural match between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders rating the highest at 7.77 TVR.

The third high scorer of the season played on a Wednesday, April 13, by teams Kolkata Knight Riders and Pune Warriors India stands at 5.58 TVR. Next, comes in the third match of the season, played between the Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians that rated at 5.17 TVR played on April 9, 2011. Also among the top five is another match with team Pune Warriors India played against the King of Punjab XI that scored a match rating of 4.94 TVR.

It appears that the 8 pm slot for the matches secures a higher viewership, four of the top five being scheduled for telecast at that time. On the ranking scorecard, the two strongest teams at the moment are the Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians, both having won 3 of 4 matches, scoring 6 points each.

The tournament continues to record a stronger viewership base coming from Digital households of 6-Metros for TG CS4+ than the Cable & Satellites households. As per the data, the first match of IPL Season 4 has received ratings of 9.42 and 8.48 respectively. Other high interest, such as the next three of the top 5 matches, each scored an average rating of 7 TVR in digital households.

A comparison with previous IPL seasons
The tournament has managed an average rating of 4.36 TVR as per the data for the first 15 matches in the 6 metro C&S 4+ markets. At this stage in the tournament, the average is lesser compared to previous seasons, wherein IPL1 managed the highest average rating of 5.59 TVR in the first 15 matches. Last year, IPL 3, 2010 pulled in an average of 5.31 TVR.

As reported earlier, the first match of IPL 2008 season (KKR vs. RCB) remains the most watched inaugural match till now with a rating of 8.21. Moving ahead, in 2009, the first match of the IPL had registered a rating of 5.55, which is the lowest rating any IPL inaugural match has seen till now. In 2010, the rating for the inaugural match between KKR and DC had gone up to 6.95 TVR.

Top 6 of 15 matches

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