IPL4: Matches 50-59 - Ratings yet not tearing up the charts...

IPL4: Matches 50-59 - Ratings yet not tearing up the charts...

Author | Fatema Rajkotwala | Thursday, May 19,2011 8:49 AM

IPL4: Matches 50-59 - Ratings yet not tearing up the charts...

As IPL4 is inching toward the Finals and the tournament is picking up some speed, TAM Sports has released the match ratings up to Match number 59, in the TAM Week 19’11. In the past week, for the audience parameter of CS 4+ in the six metro markets, the tournament has picked up some steam but the overall average match rating has dropped slightly from 3.94 last week to 3.84 TVR this week.

Some Trends Last Week…

At the risk of stating the obvious, a review of the ten matches played last week shows that the interest levels are highest during intense matches played between mass favourites such as teams Mumbai Indians (MI), Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), Chennai Super Kings(CSK) and Royal Challenge Bangalore(RCB). It may be interesting to note that the interest level of the audiences has steadily increased as each match being played, causing the top matches to be the 59, 58, 57… and so on, in a descending order. Most matches have been aired at 8 pm in the primetime slot while some are being telecast at 6 pm.

The last two matches of the week gone by (Matches 58 and 59), played by team MI against teams Kings of Punjab(KP) and Deccan Chargers(DC) are the top scorers this week. The former match, played on Tuesday has managed a match rating of 4.42 TVR, while the later played on Saturday, has scored a close 4.21 TVR in CS 4+ six metro markets. Both matches were scheduled for telecast at primetime slots of 8 and 8.30 pm.

In the 3.5-4 TVR range are Matches 57, 56 and 55, the next three high scorers from last week as shown in the table below. The rest of the five matches played have managed a match rating of 2-3+ TVR in similar markets as shown in the table below.

Digital is the way…

While the top order has not changed this week and the top 10 matches are the same since last week, the digital markets are showing a significantly higher pull in audience than the C&S markets.

To cite examples, the top match last week between teams MI and KP has clocked a rating of 4.42 TVR in CS markets while in digital markets it has recorded a match rating of 6.55 TVR. The same goes for the second highest match that has recorded a match rating point of 4.21 TVR in CS, while a 5.82 TVR percentage in digital markets. The match between team CSK and Rajasthan Royals(RR) also shows a 3.80 TVR in CS markets, whereas the digital markets have clocked in as high as 5.02 TVR.

Still Not Averaging High

As reported last week, in comparison to the earlier seasons, the average of the match ratings at this point in the season when compared to earlier seasons is much lower. At 59 matches down, IPL Season 3 commanded the highest so far average match rating of 5.29 TVR. This season has merely managed an average of 3.84 TVR while IPL 1 amassed a rating of 5.24 TVR, followed by the second season, IPL 2 at 4.49 TVR, as shown in the table below.

As the Finals of the tournament skip into action, next week will reveal a new set of numbers. For the tournament, these promise to be the deciding matches that will pronounce it a win or a disappointment for the stakeholders. The audience can save the day!

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